Under house arrest





Under house arrest


Sébastien Girard



Offset printing, hardcover, 48 pages, 23 x 30 cm, ISBN 978-2-9534516-4-1
Edition of 500

After Nothing but home (the house as a starting point) and desperate cars (the destiny of cars in the photographer’s neighborhood), Sébastien Girard dedicates his third volume Under house arrest to the plight of plants.

Entrapped behind gates and bars, these mute prisoners in our houses and gardens continue to follow nature’s call. Their wildness, which we try to tame, is revealed here in its full force.

Entangled and injured by metal, they fight back and they display their irresistible desire to roam free.

Larissa Leclair in Voices of Photography magazine, Taiwan
Listed among the best photobooks of 2011 

Under house arrest exhibition at Bruce Silverstein gallery, NYC

Gerry Badger, The Photobook Review, Issue 1, p.26
In all three of his books, Girard demonstrates the power of and a fascination with the forensic close-up. I use the term “forensic,” because he utilizes unremitting flash lighting to create the impassive look of a true documentary image, the aesthetic seen in crime or scientific photography, where the photograph is an evidential document of something that has happened. An experiment. A crime. A natural phenomenon… Indeed, the whole series demonstrates the expressive potential of moving in close.

Sébastien Girard has taken great pains to signal that this is a coordinated series of books. Each is the same size and superbly printed, the designs are similar, although not absolutely identical, and a colored, diagonal pattern runs down each spine, a different color for each volume, as well as for both the ordinary and deluxe editions. Photobook lovers will want this series to grace their bookshelves, and these color-coded books will stand out on them, although the high quality of Girard’s work would surely ensure that in any case.

48 Pages


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