but home





Nothing but home


Sébastien Girard



Offset printing, hardcover, 48 pages, 23 x 30 cm, ISBN 978-2-9534516-0-3
Edition of 500

Nothing but Home, the first in a series, takes the unity of a place as its starting point : the photographer’s house, his first house.

From this inaugural sign, a first book emerges. Based on minute details detected under the rubble and within the mutating building site, Sébastien Girard builds a singular language,

rescuing everyday life, where a single tool or entangled ordinary materials organize themselves into an intimate account of events.

Jeff ladd (5b4), Alec Soth (Little brown mushrooms), Des livres et des photos, Zoum-Zoum, photo-eye magazine, Humble arts fondation

Self Publish Be Happy! at the Photographer’s gallery (London), PiY at LE BAL (Paris)

Nothing but home, first book by Sebastien Girard has been selected to feature in History of photobooks Vol.3 edited by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger, published by Phaidon, 2014

Listed among the best photobooks of 2009


48 Pages


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