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Sébastien Girard (b.1970) is an artist based in Toulouse, France.‘In all three of his books, Girard demonstrates the power of and a fascination with the forensic close-up. I use the term “forensic,” because he utilizes unremitting flash lighting to create the impassive look of a true documentary image, the aesthetic seen in crime or scientific photography, where the photograph is an evidential document of something that has happened. An experiment. A crime. A natural phenomenon… Indeed, the whole series demonstrates the expressive potential of moving in close. Sébastien Girard has taken great pains to signal that this is a coordinated series of books. Each is the same size and superbly printed, the designs are similar, although not absolutely identical, and a colored, diagonal pattern runs down each spine, a different color for each volume, as well as for both the ordinary and deluxe editions. Photobook lovers will want this series to grace their bookshelves, and these color-coded books will stand out on them, although the high quality of Girard’s work would surely ensure that in any case’ (Badger). Ref.: Gerry Badger, The Photobook Review, Issue 1, p.26.

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